About Vineeth Purushothaman

Vineeth has a strong global background in maximising sales, technology adoption and online distribution for hotels. In corporate roles, he achieved significant efficiencies in sales and only distribution for chain hotels worldwide by improving business processes and technology. In an entrepreneurial role, he co-founded an online distribution services company in India which helps independent hotels and small chains manage online distribution and increase online revenue. Vineeth has also consulted for leading hotel chains including Orient Express, Concorde and Principal Hayley in areas of sales management to maximise commercial impact. He is currently based in Oxfordshire and focuses primarily on consultancy services for hotels seeking to maximise their online revenue opportunities through his company White Sky Hospitality.

Are tourism universities flushing money away with their research?

Think about the amazing people with excellent ideas and powerful intellect spending hundreds and hundreds of man hours carefully analysing and studying the world of tourism and travel. What is it worth to the industry? What would the annual figure be in millions of pounds?

Are hotel wholesalers on the brink of extinction – or not?

What is the future of hotel wholesalers? There are a lot of prophecies out there, but here are the facts and some key considerations to working with wholesalers as part of a wider room distribution strategy.

9 hotel booking trends to watch

It is hard to track changes in the fast-paced world of hotel online bookings. Here are some clusters of innovations that point to which ideas will be here to stay and which one should we put our energies towards.

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