A roadmap for upgrading your hotel property management system

Property management solutions (PMS) account for the largest portion of the budget for hotel technology investments, according to The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems. It’s no surprise, then, that PMS solution providers are continuously enhancing their platform capabilities.

2017 travel trends and industry opportunities

The pace of innovation across every industry and every company is astounding today, from natural language processing and data sciences to artificial intelligence and virtual reality. How exactly these mega trends are going to affect our industry, and hoteliers specifically, remains to be seen, but we do know that tomorrow will look very different from today.

Hospitality financial leadership recipe – owners, not victims please

Being a financial leader means you own the result. There is no room for being a victim or victim thinking when it comes to leading the financial piece. The challenges demand the type of ownership that takes each situation and finds the opportunity in it.

Harnessing the power of cloud and mobile hotel PMS

What triggered the mass movement towards cloud hotel PMS? Hoteliers have new goals to achieve today and the solutions don't hide in a server room. Cloud hotel PMS software has become the natural choice for a growing number of hotel managers and owners today.

Gerard Inzerillo: Guests in the internet age can see everything

The EMBA class of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) had the opportunity to meet with Gerard Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide and a lifestyle visionary, during a roundtable discussion on January 30. Gregarious, charismatic and with an infectious passion for the industry, Mr Inzerillo regaled the class describing his great experience in the industry spanning 50 years.

Guilty by hospitality association

There are plenty of local and industry associations available for hospitality professionals to join. It may be your local chamber of commerce, your local or national tourism association or a career association. There is generally a great networking opportunity and what they offer you in terms of face to face contact with neighbours, colleagues and often competitors will always allow you to connect on a personal level… but is their web presence letting them down?

Another hit for the online travel agents

Like anything in business, nothing lasts forever. The online travel agency (OTA) world started exactly 20 years ago when Expedia was born inside Microsoft. Expedia, with a valuation of over $10 billion at its spin-off, was the most successful business born inside the software giant.

Ways to produce a phenomenal guest experience

Hotel trends continue to change tremendously primarily because the preferences of a modern day traveller have evolved drastically. Today, hotel design can make or break the reputation of your hotel. This has made it more challenging for the hotel owners to achieve that elusive customer delight. 

Collaborate and become a company of one

Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed the mergers and acquisitions of not only iconic hotel brands and resorts, but independent boutique hotels and resorts as well. What is interesting to note in these transactions is ownership. Owners and owning companies are now institutional.

Unlocking a hotel innovation strategy

It is human nature to always look for a better, more enhanced experience. Arguably, innovation is the key idea that is shaping corporate life, or even defining the actual corporate mission. Hospitality firms are not indifferent to the changes occurring at the level of their competitors, the fast-paced market, or emerging technology breakthroughs.

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