The secret recipe for your hotel

To get your non-financial managers to play ball with their numbers in your hotel you need a system that they can follow, a sort of road map they can use to stay on track every month. Teach them this and you will have an engaged team that buys into playing their financial part.

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Disruptive trends in the hotel industry to expect in 2017

The hospitality industry changes at an extremely rapid pace, with new trends, products and services constantly keep emerging. While many of them add value to the hotel industry, several trends can be quite disruptive, especially to the more traditional players in the hospitality industry.

Millennials redefine luxury and spur changes in marketing

The sea change taking place in luxury hotel marketing is being driven by Millennials as they redefine what the parameters of luxury means to them. First-class accommodations and amenities are just the beginning of this new-style luxury that Millennials crave. Hotels are compelled to create and offer extras including life-fulfilling experiences, adventure, and even educational enrichment.

Are tourism universities flushing money away with their research?

Think about the amazing people with excellent ideas and powerful intellect spending hundreds and hundreds of man hours carefully analysing and studying the world of tourism and travel. What is it worth to the industry? What would the annual figure be in millions of pounds?

Is this the end of the CV?

With the growth of mobile learning and its ability to log and track an employee’s performance over time, mobile CVs could replace the traditional CV. The iPhone camera pretty much spelt the end for camera rolls, print newspaper sales have dramatically declined in the face of mobile news consumption, and mobile learning is beginning to disrupt traditional classroom based learning. The list goes on.

Hoteliers must start reaping the harvest of family travel

The luxury travel market is changing. Destination is not the only criteria any longer. Many travellers choose their holiday location for the themes offered: golf, wine, spa, gastronomy, and family. Indeed, today, the family travel market is no longer a niche.

Drive traffic to your site

Digital marketing and PR agencies that focus on buyer “DNA” will propel luxury hotel brands to pivot from employing only stand-by marketing approaches to unleashing sales through a combined traditional, digital and social media campaign. This allows for much greater access to a larger percentage of the affluent traveler segments. 

Managing a culturally diverse workforce

To implement diversity, it is crucial that organisations commit themselves by taking strategic approaches and embed concepts in all aspects of organisational functions. I will point out some factors you should bear in mind when carrying out HRM processes, which is most relevant to the management of cultural diversity within the workforce.

Hospitality financial leadership: Create a “RelationShift”

That’s right, your eyes and my fingers have not failed, I wrote the word on purpose “relationshift” and I got this word from my coach, Steve Chandler. He wrote a book with Michael Bassoff called relationshift and it's about fundraising and fundamentally changing the relationship between fundraisers and donors.

The best practices for a successful wholesaler

Just as for corporate contracting, you only have one chance per year to get your prices and allotment allocations right for your wholesalers and tour operators. As this means quoting prices for business in the far future, usually now for Q2 2018 to and including Q1 in 2019, it makes the decision even harder and more important.

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