Five lessons from economy hotels

06 May 2014 | Get Free Access to Breaking Hospitality News Here , Larry Mogelonsky
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  1. shirish soma | Jun 28, 2014
    I do not agree with that. It is very difficult to please economy market segment as their expectation does surpass for what they pay. There no other attraction or value added you could add like 4 or 5 star hotel could give perks at other dept of theirs like spa treatment or bar etc. I sure there should be a fine balance between what you pay and what you get. We live in a informational world and people like to have close to same experience as their friends had at some other location which might not the same price range of what is paid by them. Here we are selling cars where not lot of things are standard.
    Any added service or amenity as a additional cost but then you cannot pass that whole cost as your rate. It is difficult for the economy hotels to survive where there is rate war which happens across the board, whether you are running a 5 star hotel or economy. That's when you have to keep in mind the dollar and cents.

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