Elder adults staying in extended stay hotels

As people get older, they kind of get set in their ways. That means that if they are used to getting up at five in the morning that is what they want to do. If they always eat breakfast at five minutes past six in the morning, that is what they are going to want to do, even when they are on vacation. An extended stay hotel can help older people or anyone else for that matter, stick to their routines.

The most beautifully furnished pubs, cafes and restaurants in Brisbane

As the autumn sun continues to beat down on Brisbane, there has been plenty of leisure time due to the recently finished Easter holidays. Nonetheless, Nextrend Furniture has decided to put together a list of our 10 most beautiful furnished pubs, cafes and restaurants around Brisbane that we’ve come to work on. From the stunning Alexandra Headland Surf Life Saving Club and to the Pub Lovers Tavern in Aspley, the list takes us all over Queensland.

Why hotels need to turbocharge their service optimization capabilities

Leading hotels have always sought to handle the deluge of guest requests in a satisfactory and time-sensitive manner. The challenge today lies in the fact that guests expect ever-faster responses and ever-better service quality. They also expect a vast array of options for communicating their requests. Hoteliers, in turn, need to meet these expectations. And because the frontier on guest experience management continues to advance, they also need to ensure that they are driving optimal performance improvement on an ongoing basis.

How the hospitality industry is embracing social media

With 2.3 billion active on social media, it is no surprise that online marketing, specifically social media marketing, is a hot topic in hospitality. Here we look at just some of the ways media savvy hoteliers have embraced the channel and the interesting results they have seen. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to blogging, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the ways you can adopt some successful strategies for your own property.

Flow thru – Understanding how it works and how to include it in your financial statements

Flow thru, an abbreviation, is a catch all phrase that measures how much made it through your business comparing one period to another. What made it through, from revenues to profit. Another term to describe this measurement is retention. A good analogy to grasp the concept of flow thru is to compare it to your pay cheque. Imaging I give you a $1,000 a week raise. The question then is how much will end up on your pay versus how much got eaten up by higher taxes and other deductions.

Why chatbots are great for hotels

2016 was the year of the chatbot, and experts and marketeers are confident that 2017 is going to be another interesting year. A chatbot is an automated messaging service, consisting in a computer program, aimed to generate a conversation with human users. They interact with the service through popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger or WeChat. Which companies are already using the chatbot technology?

Teaching the art of the sale

When you are in a customer-facing industry like the hotel industry, the ability to sell is extremely important, and I think most general managers would agree with me! A hotel is a busy and complex environment, and there are numerous opportunities for additional sales throughout a guest’s stay, a well-trained team will be able to take advantage of this and be able to upsell when and where appropriate.

Why you can’t compete on price alone

Hotels have never operated in a more fragmented or competitive booking environment than they have today. Not only are hoteliers challenged to attract the right guest, at the right price, in markets that have seen large-scale hotel development over recent years, but they are also facing stiff competition from new players in the sharing economy. Led by Silicon Valley technology giant Airbnb, sharing economy accommodation platforms linking private citizens with vacant rooms or properties have grown dramatically in popularity over recent years.

Seven tips for contemporary property management

The hospitality industry has changed quite a bit over the last couple decades, and more changes are coming. But with our help, you're going to see this isn't a negative thing. Not at all. The more you know about modern property management around the world, the easier it will be to compete in the coming years.

Why we love the hotel business in ten parts

Have you ever sat back for a moment to reflect on the profession of hospitality? With all its ups and downs, could you think of any other business you would rather be in? As someone who admittedly has never been at the helm of a property with the exception of short term MOD responsibilities, I feel as close as anyone can be to hotel management. Yet I recognize that it is not the same as the burden of being general manager.

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