Do your hotel financial statements pass the test? Part two 

Do your hotel financial statements give you the information you need to effectively manage your hotel? Are you able to see if your profits are where they should be in an enhanced top line statement? Do your statements measure flow thru? Do you record your rooms business by proper segments and track the rooms occupied, rate and revenue in each segment?

Enabling technologies for hotel guest experience management

What considerations should hoteliers keep in mind when researching technology solutions in the context of guest experience management? The most important buying consideration may be, simply, the degree to which the hotel can automate the core functions that impact the quality of the guest experience, which, in reality, is practically all of them.

Seeking solutions to increase hotel profitability

How has the hotel industry been faring in terms of revenue and profit management in recent years and what should hoteliers be doing to tackle the challenges they’re facing, either from online travel agencies (OTAs) or rising wage and insurance costs?

Four 2017 marketing questions for your website

Everyone knows you need a functional website, no matter the business or the locale. For hotels, most of us recognize that often a website may be a customer’s first introduction to your property. As such, it should entice, educate and make them want to stay with you. Hence, for many GMs, one of the largest items on the 2017 marketing budget is likely the development of a new website, or at the very least a refurbishment of the current one.

Applying the principles of psychology in the restaurant and hotel industry

Last year, I spent a great deal of time in different kinds of restaurants in Switzerland in order to evaluate the effectiveness of psychology training on guest satisfaction. It was a very enriching and unique experience for the participants and for myself. It is indeed unusual for academics to spend time with practitioners. I would like to share this experience because I firmly believe that it can be useful for restaurant employees and managers around the world.

Where’s the luggage? There is always someone more important

The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, saw massive renovation in 1988. The renovation was so big the hotel was closed for six months. One man died in the construction falling down the garbage chute and it is said that the hotel rose six inches taller as so much weight was taken out of her. I have said many times, you have not really worked in the hotel business until you have worked in a hotel that’s closed.

Is your online presence attracting or turning away guests?

Given the competitive market hoteliers operate in today, hotels simply cannot afford to get it wrong with their websites. Too often, you will see a hotel build a new site that seems to be at odds with a potential guests’ needs. Hoteliers need to understand their guests and online visitors better as well as build a website that reflects the unique personality of their property.

Attracting today’s super-affluent market

Luxury travel is one of the most lucrative segments for hotels, but today success depends on offering highly personalized and promotable experiences. A talented PR agency can collaborate with you to create over-the-top journeys that will garner significant media coverage to generate bookings. Does it really matter if no one books the offer if your reservation lines start ringing?

The top five commercial hospitality furniture brands

When purchasing commercial hospitality furniture brands, you will encounter wildly differing quality standards. Manufacturers in can hold themselves to drastically varying standards when it comes to quality control, customer service and attention to detail. Bearing these factors in mind, we’ve compiled this list featuring the best commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers in Australia.

Why do international business travelers get bored in hotel rooms and Airbnbs?

Not all international business travelers can relax and watch a movie in English. They might use English for work, but relaxing and watching a movie or TV show isn’t the same. There are also millions of people who don’t speak English at all. For both, watching something on the hotel room or apartment TV isn’t obvious. They typically end up zapping endlessly, finishing their day with frustration.

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