Hotel Security Awareness Course

Hotel Security Awareness

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The Hotel Security Awareness course provides all hotel team members withe the fundamental skills to ensure a secure environment for guests and employees.  The course covers threats from physical as well as cyber threats in an online format, rich with images, multimedia, case studies and simulations.

Pages: 71

Duration: 3 hours learning – self-paced

Qualification: Certificate

Prerequisites: None

Study mode: Online

Assessment: Online quiz

Start date: Anytime it suits you!

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Hotel Security Awareness Course - Brochure

Product Description

Security Awareness means you see or hear something and it does not feel right and you take action to prevent harm to yourself, your colleagues, and/or guests. What you will learn from case studies and exercises can be applied to every department in a hotel. The training is designed to refresh your security knowledge on a regular basis so you are prepared for the ‘real thing’. This training covers:

  • The See, Hear Feel and Tell approach
  • Basic human rights and duty of care
  • Security procedures
  • Suspicious activity
  • Terrorism and active shooter incidents
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Cyber crime

This interactive Online Hotel Security Awareness Course features videos, animations, case studies and exercises, so there’s something to suit all learning styles. Track your progress online to manage your time and achieve your goals without investing a fortune. This training will also help hotel employees and management with common problems such as crime.

The information in this hotel security awareness training course is published in good faith and for general training purposes only. We do not make any warranties about the completeness and reliability of this information and its application in every case. The course provides general guidelines only and may differ to some degree to the standards, policies and procedures set in place by hotel management.

The decision to apply the information in this course, in part or in full, rests with hotel management and any action taken upon the information is strictly at the risk of the user. In providing this information we do not make any representations or give any warranty of the safety of persons or property when the information is applied or incorporated in a hotel security program. Implementation of the information, in part or in full, does not guarantee a hotel will never face risk or a security breach.

This training course covers general global risks the hotel industry is facing. Threats (referred to as ‘risks’) may vary from country to country and not all the information contained in this course may apply in every case. This course is not intended to replace or conflict with any relevant government codes or regulations.

This training course is available in English only. We take no responsibility for and accept no damages for any wrong translation into another language or inaccurate interpretation on the part of the user. The contents of this course do not discriminate against any race, nationality, creed, gender or person.

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