Why hotels need to increase their fanbase to attract more direct bookings  

The taxi pulls away from the driveway and a deep sigh of relief washes over you. This troublesome guest has finally left. Which hotelier doesn’t experience this time and again: Having to accommodate guests that make it pretty difficult to be a gracious host. From arrival to departure it’s all about their unmet expectations and their disappointment.

What independent hotels gain from the flags’ big investments in the direct channel

In 2016, several major hotel brands launched aggressive campaigns to drive direct bookings. Hilton’s is among the best known, with its catchy “Stop Clicking Around” campaign. The company claimed this was “its largest campaign ever". Hyatt, Marriott and Intercontinental joined the fray, and what was once just a campaign became a long-lasting news story about the big brands waging war on OTA commissions. How did it work out for them?

Four 2017 marketing questions for your website

Everyone knows you need a functional website, no matter the business or the locale. For hotels, most of us recognize that often a website may be a customer’s first introduction to your property. As such, it should entice, educate and make them want to stay with you. Hence, for many GMs, one of the largest items on the 2017 marketing budget is likely the development of a new website, or at the very least a refurbishment of the current one.

Hoteliers say being bookable and visible online is the number one business focus

A report by the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, has found that the ability to grow direct bookings and online presence is the top business focus for hotels this year. The finding, documented in SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2017 released this week, is based on more than 2,100 survey responses from hoteliers at both independent properties and hotel groups around the world.

Increase bookings and lower distribution with HeBS Digital

Founded in 2001, HeBS Digital helps hoteliers around the globe drastically increase direct bookings and lower overall distribution costs by deploying industry best-of-breed digital technology, consulting and marketing (www.hebsdigital.com). The firm is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Las Vegas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Get more Direct Bookings with a Winning (Hotel) Personality

Want to attract new business and get more direct bookings? Make sure the online presentation of your hotel supports this goal.

5 simple steps to boost your hotel website’s conversion rate

Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? Follow these five simple steps to boost your site’s conversion rate and be well on your way to driving more direct bookings.

5 easy steps to drive more direct bookings

Many of your problems around direct bookings can be solved if you focus on improving the end-to-end user experience for potential guests.

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How to convert website surfers into bookers

The key to successfully deploying a direct booking strategy is increasing website personalization to ensure customers are gaining access to direct booking rewards when it means the most.

Can Hilton break the OTA stranglehold through advertising?

If the hotel empire is going to strike back against the OTA onslaught, it is going to take more than just one or two forays into the advertising galaxy.

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