The challenge of delivering service excellence: EUHOFA Congress

The key questions for EUHOFA members as educators are equally valid for the industry. Does hospitality education and training really tackle these important dimensions that encapsulate being hospitable and can that be taught in the classroom?

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Navigating the hospitality helix in Southeast Asia

An independent approach is key in an industry threatened by big brand monotony and the survivors will be those who do things slightly better, slightly differently, and most importantly, those who offer real value to their guests.

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Housekeeping or loyalty points, you decide

Whoever thought this up in the corporate headquarters should be given a pat on the shoulder for a good attempt at solving our industry’s current woes…and then promptly taken out back to the whipping shed.

Concorde Hotel Singapore launches PressReader

The application offers guests all-you-can-read newspapers and magazines from more than 5,000 publications.

Hotel doorman clocks 50 years of service

Over the years he has welcomed many famous guests including Indira Gandhi, Marshal Tito, Fidel Castro, and Yuri Gagarin.

How to develop exceptional service habits

To deliver a consistently exceptional service experience, there must be habits that are hardwired throughout your entire team.

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Getting to the heart of what service is truly about

We serve because serving is a good thing, and good things are worthy to be exalted.

Exceptional service: is it truly about chandeliers, crystal glasses and marble floors?

To deliver exceptional service, it is important to begin with a clear picture of what it actually is, and then learn about your customers and eagerly commit yourself to serving them.

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Forces that drive hospitality innovation: The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne workshop

The workshop seeks enhance the understanding of innovation in service and, specifically, international hospitality management by integrating the largely interdependent works on strategic renewal and innovation so hospitality management can apply what contemporary research on service innovation has revealed on organizational transformation.

Manage the service experience to achieve customer satisfaction

Attending to guests in a timely and professional manor is integral to deliver good customer service, however, the reality may not be so simple. Here are the areas to manage to avoid service failure.

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