Security Awareness is when you see or hear something and it does not feel right that you take action to prevent harm to yourself, your colleagues, and/or your guests. What you will learn from case studies and exercises can be applied to every department within your hotel.

The training is designed to deliver and refresh your security knowledge on a regular basis so you are prepared for the ‘real thing’. This training covers:

  • The See, Hear Feel and Tell approach
  • Basic human rights and duty of care
  • Security procedures
  • Suspicious activity
  • Terrorism and active shooter incidents
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud
  • Cyber crime

The interactive online Hotel Security Awareness Course features videos, animations, case studies and exercises, so there’s something to suit all learning styles. Track your progress online to manage your time and achieve your goals and compliance.

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Global Lighthouse Certification

Purchase 120 Hotel Security Awareness Training Units and receive the Global Lighthouse Certification Program at no additional cost.

Promotion for selected countries – offer valid till 31st of August 2016

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Hotels that purchase 120 Hotel Security Awareness Training Units at a cost of 51 USD/48 EUR per hotel employee, receive the Global Lighthouse Certification Program at no extra cost. The package includes,

  • eHotelier Academy Online Hotel Security Awareness Course for 120 users
  • Security audit carried out by Sky Touch
  • Certification/certification award*
  • One Supplemental Security Certification module complementary. Hotels can choose the Airline Crew Security, Ski Resort Hotels or Disability Security
  • Pre-audit check if required
  • Registration fee for the certification
  • Contract extension for 24 months instead of 12 months
  • Executive Summary Report

*Hotels that successfully pass the audit receive an accreditation certificate.

The package is available for selected countries only. Please listing down below.

Sky Touch Terms & Conditions apply. The promotion is subject to availability and only valid when confirmed back by Sky Touch.


No refund policy

Hotels that do not meet the 87 minimum mandatory requirements are not entitled to receive an accreditation certificate or refund. Retake audits to achieve certification are at an additional cost.



No 10% GST (or Value Added Tax) for customers outside Australia.

Travel costs

Airfares are an additional cost and applicable for some countries. The flat rates (see further below) cover the cost of the airfare and do not include the hotel accommodation. The travel costs covers the flight and visas for our Security Auditors to get to their destination and return.

Travel costs are not applicable when more than two audits can be combined on the same travel route. For example, when a hotel company has more than two properties at the same location and purchases the package twice. If there is more than one hotel company on the same travel route, costs will be shared.


Hotel accommodation

Complementary accommodation must be provided for the Security Auditor in the same hotel.


Airfares – prices are calculated per hotel and travel route

 Australia/New Zealand No airfare costs

 Austria (AT) No airfare costs

Germany (D) No airfare costs

Hong Kong 480 USD flat rate (Discounted rate, part of the promotion)

Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore 650 USD flat rate (Discounted rate, part of the promotion)

Philippines 650 USD flat rate (Discounted rate, part of the promotion)

South Korea/Japan 680 USD flat rate (Discounted rate, part of the promotion)

Switzerland (CH) 180 USD flat rate (Discounted rate, part of the promotion).


Further destinations upon request.

Download the Global Lighthouse Certification brochure
For further information or to discuss your requirements with one of our team, please provide the following information.