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Looking ahead: the hospitality industry in five years

Looking to the future has always been a tricky task, and given the pace of technological innovation taking place today, this has not become any easier. Nevertheless, it is possible to view trends as they are, and make some predictions with a fair degree of accuracy.

Teaching the art of the sale

When you are in a customer-facing industry like the hotel industry, the ability to sell is extremely important, and I think most general managers would agree with me! A hotel is a busy and complex environment, and there are numerous opportunities for additional sales throughout a guest’s stay, a well-trained team will be able to take advantage of this and be able to upsell when and where appropriate.

Three early warning signs your staff may need a training refresher

Every general manager should implement regular staff training sessions throughout his or her property, both to keep employees motivated, and to ensure that their skills are up-to-date. Skills that are not consistently practiced or used on the job will degrade over time, and desired behaviors will deteriorate unless they have become second-nature to the employee.

The growing role of mobile in food and beverage

Mobile technology has been upending businesses and industries around the world for years. The launch of Apple’s iPhone precipitated the now ubiquitous ‘App’, leading to changes in the way we book taxis (Uber), date (Tinder), work out (Guava Pass) and more. The F&B scene is no different, and in 2017 restaurant managers will need to adapt to survive.

Is this the end of the CV?

With the growth of mobile learning and its ability to log and track an employee’s performance over time, mobile CVs could replace the traditional CV. The iPhone camera pretty much spelt the end for camera rolls, print newspaper sales have dramatically declined in the face of mobile news consumption, and mobile learning is beginning to disrupt traditional classroom based learning. The list goes on.

HR departments should push for mobile learning in their hotels

There are over seven billion mobile devices in the world, and mobile provides an effective and efficient way to reach, and train, employees – in the 21st century, learning will not be constrained by space or location. Mobile learning is not simply a matter of delivering content to mobile, it is about creating learning opportunities in a variety of environments.

How augmented reality can supplement hotel mobile learning

The next wave of staff training could blend reality with digital, significantly improving the way hotel staff are taught. While still in its infancy, augmented reality has the potential to significantly change the way people learn with their mobile device.

The training manuals of the 21st century – mobile phones

Mobile learning is perfectly suited to the hospitality industry - it's effective, flexible, scalable and less expensive than traditional, classroom-based training methods.