About Prateek Adhikari

I work for the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) as a Lecturer of Hospitality and Business. Prior to joining UDOL, I worked for the London School of Business and Finance as a Lecturer of Hospitality, Tourism, and Business, and Sheffield Hallam University as an Associate Lecturer of Hospitality. I worked as a General Manager and a consultant of high end restaurants and hotels over the period of eighteen years in the hospitality sector internationally. I have a proven track record of running several successful businesses with highest standards in managing people yielding excellent results. I am currently also a Director of PA Hospitality which is a hospitality consultancy company, where I overlook the entire operations of the company and take on projects from time to time to keep myself up to date with developments in the sector. My teaching responsibilities: I teach across a range of Hospitality, Leisure, and Business Programmes both at Undergraduate and Graduate Levels. My teaching focus are around Human Resource Management, Hospitality Operations Management, Business Environment, Organisations and Behaviour, Employability Skills, Service Excellence, Food and Beverage Management, Conference and Banqueting Management, Managing People, Developing Manager, and Developing Professional Business Skills. My Thoughts About Online Learning Online learning inspires me to understand the demand of a fast paced environment of interactive communication with our students. It is highly reassuring that UDOL has extensive programs that are innovative, and our students can access our programs from the comfort of their home/work to enhance their academic skills. Particularly in hospitality, the industry requires employees to be flexible to work unsociable and/or long hours, so the students may or may not have additional time to attend on campus teaching. Our model helps those in need of a world class education through flexible study options, and our advanced courses facilitated through the most advanced tools and technology, match the high academic standards you would expect from an in class teaching of any British university.

How the hospitality industry could benefit from Brexit

There is a great deal of negativity in the UK hospitality industry surrounding Brexit, but in the recent months after Britain voted to leave the European Union, we have seen a significant drop in devaluation of the British pound which has made the UK an attractive place to travel for tourists and shoppers. This has been particularly good for North American tourists to visit the UK as the Euro has also devalued against the dollar. There is really no better time to visit Britain than now.

What the new National Living Wage means to the UK hospitality industry

To compensate for the wage rising for almost half of their workforce by 2020, employers will almost certainly have to make cut-backs.

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