Personalizing your visual content increases bookings

“Personalization” has been a hot topic across the web and has businesses across varying industries wondering how to implement it.

Good food nation or too much food nation – A collaborative approach to the obesity challenges?

The rising challenge of obesity and resultant health costs are a worldwide challenge requiring vision, solutions and collaboration from all stakeholders including the hospitality industry.

Spotlight on hotel design and architecture trends

With the ever-increasing popularity of boutique hotels and expanding luxury chains, competition in the hotel industry is rife.

Pricing-only approach to revenue management: Are you leaving money on the table?

The hospitality industry has been following revenue management practices for decades now. Today, dynamic transient pricing is considered the industry standard for pricing guest rooms.

Is your hotel reservation system tuned to the modern day traveler?

Hotel reservation systems make it easy for hoteliers to manage daily operations for a hotel with great ease. In the recent times, small, midsize and large hotel owners are slowly embracing the change towards online reservation software.

Don’t look for the magic financial solution

We are all familiar with the American Sunday ritual of turning left several hundred times, cold beer, BBQ and T-shirts. I have long been a big fan and there is a great story and parallel to financial leadership I want to tell you about. It relates to one of my favorite drivers, Mark Martin.

Five-star housekeeping for five-star properties

Having just completed an exhaustive Pacific hotel tour, my report to hoteliers is this: No matter what your brand or luxury status, housekeeping remains a prickly beast and a constant challenge.

Millennials + mobile: A match made in hotelier heaven

Most people today are aware of the huge impact that mobile phones have had on our everyday lives; of course, it allows us to communicate at any time via many different messaging mediums, but there is also a significant change in the way mobile has affected business.

Five things hotel general managers need to know about revenue management

It would seem that change is the only constant variable in today’s global hospitality market. Between shifts in how guests research and book their accommodations, the increasing industry-wide fragmentation, and new competitors entering the private rental space – nothing is as it once was. As a result, revenue management has similarly evolved into more than just a tool to assist hotel room pricing.

Using Uber to understand the Airbnb challenge

Even though they exist in mutually exclusive spaces, a snapshot comparison between the two organizations yields uncanny similarities. With so much in common, would it be reasonable to also say that Airbnb’s legal foibles might follow a similar path to Uber’s?

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