Generation Z: Perceived barriers that deter them from joining the hotel industry

Dealing with people, workplace health and safety, and pressure to perform are key barriers that Generation Z worry about when deciding to work in the hospitality industry. Here's how hotel recruiters can help overcome these preconceived issues.

How voice search will impact travel marketing

Voice search and virtual assistants are emerging as the next big digital trend travel marketers need to embrace. Here are some key implications.

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How to create a hotel framework for everyday happy customer experiences

Hotels today need to start to focus on shifting their culture towards an engagement culture that includes everyone who will impact the customer experience.

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Customer expectations for hospitality in 2018

The 21st-century customer has high expectations for not only the product or service they're buying, but most importantly for the experience they have while purchasing it.

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Get more transient business by geo-targetting AdWords

When your potential near-by customers are looking for a place like yours, you need to make sure that you are there where they will see you.

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A lesson in lobby leadership

With an eye on the bottom line, General Managers too often deprioritize the human side of the hospitality business. Here's why they should get out of the office - or better yet, move their office to the lobby.

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Crossing the Pacific – an interview with Executive Chef Mervin McLeod, Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel

While everyone knows that Japan’s culinary fare is quite different from that of other cultures, it’s even more interesting to hear from a chef with a North American background who has come to master the country’s food preparation style.

Average Length of Stay: how and why you need to record it

Fewer arrivals and longer stays equal lots of good things for your hotel operation and profit.

Simple things key to standout staff at Melbourne’s Treasury on Collins

In this interview, General Manager Scott Horn sheds light on how he attracts and retains the high-caliber staff that helps his boutique apartment hotel stand out from the accommodation crowd.

Is the era of the direct bookings coming to an end?

OTA growth seems inevitable, and so does the loss of control by the hoteliers. But does it mean the end of the direct bookings? 

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