2017 Green Lodging Trends Report is now live

The 2017 Green Lodging Trends Report compares green practices over a wide-range of areas, including energy management, waste management, water conservation, communications, staff involvement, community involvement, health and wellness, back of house (kitchen, laundry, procurement, cleaning, maintenance), climate action and certifications.

A happy employee will make a happy customer

“A happy employee will make a happy customer”. Seriously, will it? Yes, what we intuitively believe in is actually supported by research results.

By |October 19th, 2017|

Are robots the productivity solution the hotel industry has been looking for?

As technological advances continue to create more intelligent Robotic Process Automation devices, how soon will it be before robots are the new staffing solution?

Revenue Hindsight is 20/20

There is an array of opinions, systems and solutions on offer in the revenue management marketplace, but these 7 steps demonstrate how an automated revenue system might be the answer

“Dirty Data”- The one data source that might be harming your revenue performance

In the interconnected era of the IoT, there are new data sources appearing online everywhere, but not all data is good data. These the are issues with forecasting hotel demand

Are the safety and security standards of global hotels being rated corrected?

Sky Touch examined the Safety & Security Category of hotel classification systems in 7 different countries providing insights into the compatible differences occurring from nation to nation

How $40k worth of dinner plate covers taught an invaluable lesson

How this $40k dinner plate learning lesson that taught more then just a lesson in ordering

The ABC guide to maximising revenue

In a marketplace full of revenue management systems, programs and tools, this ABC guide highlights the best strategies and areas you need to know for your business

Finding the right balance between OTAs vs Direct Bookings

It is a popular debate among hoteliers, OTA's vs direct bookings, but finding the right balance with these strategies might just be the answer your business has been looking for

What is the one tool everyone in the meetings and events industry should be using?

Technology plays a fundamental role in the hosting of meetings and events, but is this one tool that is transforming the industry?