The four pillars of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Applying CPTED strategies to hotels can significantly contribute to a safer environment by influencing the behaviour of employees, guests and visitors.

5 hotel chain tech trends heading the way of independents

While the upfront cost of investing in cutting-edge systems may seem to be an obstacle for independents, tech trends tend to find a way of trickling down eventually. Here are 5 that will soon be attainable.

9 ways to ensure full occupancy at your hotel

To boost hotel occupancy, you have to get closer to your guests’ requirements, understand where they are most likely to find you and then design a strategy that will put you ahead of competition.

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Segmentation after the booking

With 62% of online adults will to pay more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience, it’s vital that hotels are listening to consumers and providing the tailored interaction they now demand.

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8 ways online learning benefits organizations and individuals

Don't have time for training? Here are 8 ways online learning will assist you to deliver the necessary training to improve product and service delivery, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

How hotel amenities enrich the customer experience

Hoteliers can use an array of amenities to not only attract new customers, but to also increase the number of guests who regularly return to their properties.

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Setting a good price strategy without losing your mind

Setting the right price to sell your hotel rooms is like a never-ending roller-coaster, but there are new techniques to set the best price without endangering the image of your hotel or your ranking on the OTA market.

What if a direct booking was worth as much as three OTA reservations?

Here's why hoteliers need to impose more restrictive policies for cancellations in reservations coming from OTAs.

Why teaching accounting in hotel school is a waste of time

What our leaders need from school is a basic understanding of the business of hotels. What makes them tick financially and operationally—not finance and accounting courses.

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Wine in a keg? There’s more to it than meets the eye

Ecofass-Vin is wine on tap, thanks to a keg. The keg preserves the taste and quality of the wine while also providing a more ecological approach.