Staffing: The issue of our time

Discussions on the key issue of our time, future recruitment and staffing, are now becoming more politicised.

Neil Young: We get what we go after

Neil is a Canadian and so am I. His music and persona have always appealed to me. I have lots of his music, have seen him in concert, have read his autobiography and enjoy his occasional rants with the media on the environment.

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The state of convention and exhibition sustainability around the world

The 2017 Green Venue Report was just released for the fourth year, comparing green performance over a wide-range of areas.

Smaller hotel chains can now get smarter for the smart guest

Hotel guests are increasingly valuing the digital experience, often more than other amenities a hotel might offer, but how can smaller hotel chains implement the technology to compete with 'mega chains'?

Winning strategies to bring in new customers

How should hotels be reaching out to potential customers? When it comes to distribution channels, the discussion should never just be limited to the hotel’s relationship with online travel agencies or OTAs.

Tour operators: It’s time to manage guest feedback online

As a tour operator, you sell “once in a lifetime” experiences to travellers, most of whom are often new guests.

Hospitality financial leadership – Measuring labor productivity part II

In food and beverage, you want to get obsessed about a similar measurement like you do in the rooms division. In F&B it is “hours per cover served.”

The psychology of pricing

Human beings are hard-wired to interpret and react to the world around them in certain ways, even if those reactions are often irrational and unpredictable.

Is it too late to fight back against Airbnb?

Despite what many have dismissed as a mere blip on the radar, Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with, and we have yet to see just how widely it will impact our livelihoods.

Who’s afraid of Google?

Google, whose mantra used to be ‘Don’t be evil’ (until it dropped it for the motto ‘Do the right thing’), is almost omnipresent in our lives these days.

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