Largo della Pace, 1, Tuscania, 01017 VT, Italy
1A Largo della Pace Tuscania Lazio 01017 IT

The Campus Etoile Academy has chosen to settle in the Tuscia, in the province of Viterbo, area rich in flora and fauna, where the main driver of the economy has always been agriculture.
The attention bestowed internationally for the quality of life and table ‘Mediterranean’ is a great opportunity for this region. Master Chef Rossano Boscolo argues that we need a cultural shift away from a ‘”gourmet cooking” – manifestation of luxury for the few “chosen ones” – a kitchen identity, which not only respects and endorsing the criteria of healthy nutrition, but that become spokesman of the quality of local products. From the point of view of tourism, Tuscania and Tuscia offer countless opportunities to immerse themselves in a world of nature, art, history and traditions. The entire area is dotted with sites of international interest such as the Etruscan necropolis and the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Maria Maggiore, in a natural setting like no other: the Natural Reserve of Tuscania, crossed by the river Marta, which covers almost 2,000 hectares of woods and hills.

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