Rue de Bruxelles 97, Fleurus, Belgium
97 Rue de Bruxelles Fleurus Région wallonne 6220 BE
In 1814, Mother Julie Billiart, founder of the Notre-Dame order, left Gembloux where she was living and came with six sisters to Fleurus to create a new community.In 1814, the order settled in Rue du Couvent until 1879. A nursery school, then a primary one were opened in a contiguous building. In the beginning of 1912, Mother Superior Marie-Julienne visited the castle of Zualart, 97 rue de Bruxelles and on the 7 September the order moved there.

In 1913, the creation of a day school gave a new impulse to the school leading in 1924 to a new extension of the building. Later in 1948, a domestic school was opened, predicting the creation of a hotel and restaurant school .

Indeed in 1981, a hotel section (technical level) was opened, followed in 1985 by a professional one justifying the name of a hotel and catering school.

The school made great strides. A new team of well-trained teachers was constituted, the kitchens were refurbished with an up-to-date material. Four new restaurants, a lounge, a self-service room were renovated offering all the facilities necessary to reach high-teaching levels.

Recently a greenhouse has been completely restored adding a welcoming look to the building.

Catering and hotel services have changed, so have the mentalities. New conceptions, new ideas are coming up. Without neglecting fundamental education, teaching approaches have to be revisited. Cooking services, vacuum-packed goods are developing and the Institut Notre-Dame has organized a 7th form to teach “Catering and Banqueting” methods.

Since 1912, a 7th form in Oenology has been constituted to complete the wide range of our educational fields