Mülheimer Str. 38, Bad Honnef, Germany
38 Mülheimer Straße Bad Honnef Nordrhein-Westfalen 53604 DE

The IUBH School of Business and Management is an English-speaking university with a focus on services management. We are dedicated to provide our students with an excellent academic education combined with a strong practical orientation. In addition to the specialisation in services management we maintain strong industry contacts throughout Europe, which add to the renowned reputation of the institution. We are ambitious to further broaden this reputation across the borders of the European continent.
The IUBH School of Business and Management has two campuses – one is situated in Bad Honnef, near the former capital of Germany, Bonn. The second campus is located in the south of Germany, Bad Reichenhall, near the Austrian city of Salzburg.
On both campus students have access to the most up-to-date facilities, seminar rooms, a state of the artlibrary, restaurants, coffee lounge and students’ bar. The Internet is accessible for our students throughout the campus through wireless LAN.

Contents of Hospitality Management
Students are thoroughly educated in the fields of management, marketing and communication as well as hospitality and tourism. Furthermore, as excellent language skills are essential in the tourism industry, students can choose from a wide range of language classes. During the practical courses in Hospitality Management students receive training in restaurant and kitchen management, food production and beverage management as well as rooms division. In the 4th semester students have to undertake an internship in a hospitality related company.

Contents of International Management
The programme “Master of Arts in International Management” prepares students for managerial functions and leadership positions in internationally operating companies. As the “Centre of Excellence for the Service Industry”, we pay special attention to the challenges and demands of the service industry and prepare our students for a career in this largest business sector of the world’s major economies. While qualifying students for general management functions, the programme allows for a specialisation in International Marketing, International Human Resource Management or Finance and Accounting. The combination of profound academic knowledge and its practical application is constantly pursued and constitutes a major objective of the programme.

Target group: As a consecutive Master programme, this programme aims at Bachelor graduates in the field of business/ economics. Work experience is not required.

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