Desguinlei 244 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
244 Desguinlei Antwerpen Vlaams Gewest 2018 BE
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PIVA stands for Provincial Institute for the Catering Industry of Antwerp. It is a large hotel and catering college in the centre of Antwerp, runned by the Province of Antwerp. Antwerp is a city of 500 000 inhabitants in the north of Belgium.The school has about 850 students; the age of the students ranges from 12 in the 1st form to 18 in the 6th. After the 6th form the students can attend an optional 7th specialization year.

The school has got 4 departments:

The largest is the HOTEL department. Their education includes subjects such as: serving methods, table settings and wine courses and composition of menus, preparation of the traditional cuisine, industrial cooking and vacuum cooking.

We have also a TOURISM department. Students are trained to do guidance’s in Belgium, but also in foreign countries. They learn a lot of geography, history, economics, ICT and languages.

The second largest department is the BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY department. Here students do not only learn how to bake bread and pastry, but also how to create tasty and beautiful products in sugar, marzipan, ice cream and chocolate. As you probably know, Belgium is world-famous for its chocolates or pralines.

The smallest, but most modernized unit is the BUTCHERY department. Here the students learn all they need to know about butchery, and they are also taught how to prepare meat dishes and how to process meat.

Students can follow hotel, bakery or butchery trainings on 2 different levels of education:

The highest level is called TECHNICAL LEVEL; this means the general education is still more important than the practical education. The pupils start with 4 hours of practice in the 1stform and end up with

6 hours in the 6th form. The rest of their 32 to 36 hour school week consists of technical and general subjects.

The 5th forms get an outplacement-training period of 2 weeks, the 6th form of 4 weeks.

After the 6th form some of the students go on to higher education to become e.g. hotel managers or nutritionists. Some of them attend a 7th form specialisation course, but most of them start working.

The tourism training exists only at the technical level.

The lowest level is the VOCATIONAL LEVEL, which means the students get a more practical training. They start with 5 hours of practice in the 1st form, 20 in the 3rd and 4th form and 14 in the 6th. The 5th forms get an outplacement-training period of 2 weeks, the 6th form of 4 weeks.

Most of these students attend a 7th form specialization course after the 6th form, before they start working.

P.I. PIVA offers 7th form specialization courses in:

  • Hotel reception
  • Beverages and restaurant mangagement
  • Catering
  • Speciality kitchen and restaurant
  • Meat processing
  • Diet bakery and confectionery
  • Pastry and chocolate production

These 7th forms get about 12 hours of practice and an outplacement-training period of 6 to 8 weeks.


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