14 a Mladinska ulica, Maribor 2000, Slovenia
14a Mladinska ulica Maribor Maribor 2000 SI
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At our school we educate for professions where contacts with people are necessary. These professions are interesting, beautiful and always present. However, they demand regard of order and cleanliness; they request strict discipline and expect tidiness, politeness and a good temper from students and apprentices. Work, in catering and tourism, is diverse. It offers pleasure and living, which is of special importance in the present time when we face unemployment. Everyone can find something that gives them pleasure and makes them happy all their lives.

Our motto is: Happiness is hidden in small things!

The history of the school
Uninterrupted education of catering and tourist workers started as late as 1958. At that time the Catering school, which functioned in the premises of Branik restaurant in Ljudski vrt, was founded upon the proposal of caterers and the chamber.

The present school for catering and tourism in Maribor acknowledges the aforementioned school as its originator. After the year 1961 the school got the new name – the Catering school centre and it shared the building in 14 Mladinska Street with the school of commerce. At the same time it was a guest in some other schools as well.

With the introduction of the career-oriented education the lack of space became even more obvious since students were interested in new educational programmes for professions like cooking technician, service technician, catering technician and technician of tourism.

Since 1981 the school is called The Professional School for Catering and Tourism Maribor.

In 1982 the school moved to the new building in 14a Mladinska Street where it has been functioning to the present day.

The secondary school for catering and tourism Maribor is one of the best schools of its kind in Slovenia. It cooperates successfully with the international educational programme “Phare”, it adjusts its education to the demands of the European Union and it connects with the same kind of schools in Austria, Italy Germany and Belgium. It has received several awards for its work. We hope and believe that we will still educate quality caterers and tourist guides, who will be skilled in communication, professional, conscientious, upright and responsible in their work.


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