Avenue Nestlé 55, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland
55 Avenue Nestlé Vevey Vaud 1800 CH

Founded in 1991, at the occasion of the
125th anniversary of the Nestlé Group

“Promote training the trainers…
… in the hospitality industry, restaurants and hotels and in tourism …
… world-wide, but with emphasis in developing countries”.

As a response to the many challenges of the international development and needs of tourism and the hotel and restaurant industry, the objective of the Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Foundation is to promote advanced training and re-training of professors and trainers.

The Foundation is not intended to replace existing bodies, institutes or organisations. Its purpose is rather to assist them both intellectually and financially, to work together, to complement their activity, assist in co-ordination of their plans, support their undertakings and help carry out their projects.

Tourism the fastest growing sector of activity and will become worldwide the biggest industry and the biggest employer.
Tourism is a service industry and so the recruitment, training and motivation of people at all levels are of fundamental importance and present a huge permanent challenge.
Better service and better qualified people will be essential to satisfy the needs and expectations of tourists.
Basic and ongoing training of staff must be assured; modern management techniques and new technologies will be introduced, better working conditions must be created – but, above all, the key to success will lie in improving the training of trainers in all types of private and public training centres.

The Foundation maintains close contacts with reputable Swiss and foreign institutions – both private and public – involved in education in the fields of hospitality and tourism.
Support is offered by the Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Foundation to instructors and teachers in hotel management schools, vocational and technical colleges, private and public training centres and to organizations and associations promoting education in tourism and the restaurant and hotel industry.
Support takes many forms: as examples, study and travel grants for professors and teachers, the sponsoring of libraries and video-centres, the publications of literature and teaching material, the sponsoring and/or organisation of colloquia and seminars on subjects such as hygiene and food safety; nutrition for senior citizen; welcoming the physically disabled in restaurants and hotels; the protection of the environment.

A Council composed of four members,  chaired by
Mr. Dieter Hemmer, administers The Nestlé Pro Gastronomia Foundation.
Mr. Othmar Mueller, Executive Director, is responsible for the day-to-day management of projects.

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