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The new school building provides space and facilities for a modern educational environment and the campus consists of a newly build dorm with 150 single apartments. Students will be supported by an optimal learning environment, including innovative equipment, natural lit classrooms with park outlooks, and free internet and intranet access (partly by wireless connections) on campus. The WIHOGA Dortmund campus is situated in the south of Dortmund, easily reachable by public transportation and by car, and next to the Romberg Park Botanical Gardens, a spacious landscaped public park in the English romantic tradition. All in all a campus setting ideal for studying and living.

WIHOGA Dortmund is one of the most renowned German institutions for the education of future managers in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1959 it is still run by a private organisation: The Hotel and Restaurant Employers Association North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The school is re-financed and supervised by the state NRW.

Two different types of education are currently offered:

School of Management for the Hospitality Industry
(360 students)

Technical College (Preparatory Year)
(100 students)

Wirtschaftsfachschule (School of Management for the Hospitality Industry)

§two-year (= four semesters) further education (full-time)

§Average age of students on entry: 24 years

§Entry qualifications:
Successful completion of secondary school (general education) plus
Certificate of Apprenticeship in one of the accepted branches of the hospitality industry (professional training) plus
one year (minimum) of practical work in the hospitality industry

§Course objectives:
to provide graduates with the necessary qualifications to successfully work in the middle or top management of hotels, restaurants and related branches

§Course curriculum:
During the first year major emphasis is attributed to introducing and implementing business administration, information technology, accounting methods and techniques, to improving professional qualifications already acquired through practical work as well as to increasing the students` knowledge in foreign languages.
During the second year special difficulties in business administration, tax and labour regulations and information technology, questions of human relations and training of staff are points of particular interest.

§Special qualification courses in contract catering as well as in tourism and convention management are offered during the second year.

§Integrated individual coaching of all students

§International recognition:
graduates of the Wirtschaftsfachschule qualify for graduate school (MBA programme) at Johnson & Wales University, Providence, R.I., USA.

§Status of teaching staff:
Most members of staff have an academic degree, others higher vocational training and long-standing practical experience in the industry.

§Tuition language: German

§Tuition fees: 1.050 EUR – 1.600 per semester

Berufsfachschule (Preparatory Year)

§one year (before the beginning of the apprenticeship in the “Dual System”)

§full-time vocational school

§Students are trained for all professions in the hospitality industry as cooks, hotel clerks and hotel administration clerks.

§50% theoretical + 50% practical training sessions

§Practical training in the departments:
kitchen, service, reception, housekeeping, administration

§Tuition language: German

§Tuition fee: 1.800 EUR incl. lunch

Under the label “Business Upgrade Programs” WIHOGA will also offer numerous summer courses and part-time seminars off the job. Most of these programs are joint ventures between WIHOGA and other renowned institutions of the German and European hospitality industry and will guarantee profound qualifications to the participants and worthy investments in their professional future.

Dortmund is a city in North West Germany, the biggest city in the Ruhr area with a population of about 600000, located in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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