TBCCThe Branded Coffee Co (TBCC) has identified an opportunity for hotels to capitalise on the movement away from mass produced brands to a more quality craft of boutique product. TBCC has blended their marketing expertise, a novel idea and high quality coffee to become the premier supplier of branded coffee capsules in Australia. TBCC blend premium sourced international beans to deliver a popular product, while displaying the utmost regard for a brand’s identity.

“We offer you the unique opportunity to amortise the cost of your give away capsules, by elevating beautifully branded capsule boxes designed as a mini bar sale item to your guests,” said Cameron Rudolph, Director of TBCC. “This gives your guests the opportunity to continue and relive their hotel experience in their own home or in the office.”

The hotel brand is maintained and promoted while offering a range of premium blends sourced from all over the world to suit even the most discerning coffee critic. TBCC, located in Melbourne, utilises a traditional Italian slow roasting technique passed down through generations of coffee experts to produce our premium coffee.

“All our coffee is roasted and packed in Australia, our capsules are Nespresso compatible and recyclable,” said Mr Rudolph. “Our range of in room displays, branded coffee capsules, handmade glassware and coffee machines can be customised to enhance your brand and the guest experience.”

The TBCC solution is testament to the movement away from mass produced brands, providing a more personalised intimate coffee solution for their valued guests. Hotels brands have the option of co-branding their coffee product with TBCC in house brand “Merchant Harbour” or their own brand.

Daniel Muhor, General Manager of Primus Hotel Sydney, said the combination of quality coffee and marketing TBCC offers is second to none.

“The team at TBCC approached us with the opportunity for providing our guests with a boutique high quality in room coffee capsule solution,” said Mr Muhor. “We know our guests expect a great coffee wherever they go now given the boom in café culture. By partnering with TBCC  we are moving away from mass produced product to provide a high end Australian roasted boutique coffee solution for our guests with our brand proudly attached.”

Custom branded in room coffee display boxes and doubled walled glassware to complete the solution. Guests can purchase their coffee capsule box of 10 capsules as a mini bar purchase for offsite consumption/gifting idea. Profits from any mini bar box sales will aim to offset cost of complimentary giveaways.

“TBCC offers hotel and restaurant brands a range of premium blends at competitive price points to the hospitality industry,” said Mr Rudolph. “The offer consists of a white label or co-branded through to all-encompassing coffee capsule solution including displays and double walled glassware. Hotels also have the option to co-brand with TBCC in house brand, Merchant Harbour.”