The students will train for the next 10 months and receive instruction in key components of hotel operations and personal training to set them on course for a successful future. The training covers English education, computer literacy and life skills.

With English being the most widely studied and accepted language, this means that visitors from around the world come to Siem Reap and expect to be able to interact with their knowledge of it. It is a key element in making students successful in hotel operations and as studies have shown, English speaking workers will earn on average around $90 USD more than their non-English speaking co-workers. They also become candidates for promotion.

Computer Literacy is a must have in today’s hotel operations. Students will master Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and will study how to use the internet as a tool for learning. In addition, students will be given hands-on experience with the Property Management System of the hotel and of the point of sales systems used in the restaurants. These programs will ensure that they are familiar with programs commonly used in hotels throughout the world.

SMF Hospitality Students 2018

Finally, because students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, SMF makes an effort to ensure healthy personal growth and career advancement. For that reason, they teach a variety of life skills to the students. Subjects covered include health and wellness, personal finance and planning, career planning and conflict resolution. “We believe that preparing students for life is just as important as preparing them for careers and with both being taught, students are well prepared to handle situations in a healthy, mature manner”, said Brad Akins, Director of SMF.

In addition to classroom instruction, Students will receive training and mentorship at Shinta Mani Hotels. They will be taught to understand the Shinta Mani philosophy of hospitality and train daily alongside the hotel’s well-reputed staff.

Students will receive training in the key departments of Front Office, Food and Beverage, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Spa and Kitchens. Upon graduation, students will have been prepared to go forth and succeed. SMF is proud to be involved with and excited for the future of the students of the Hospitality Training School class of 2018.

SMF Hospitality Students 2018