Digital Travel SummitThe Digital Travel Summit is the eCommerce, digital marketing strategy and customer experience event for the travel, hospitality and leisure (THL) industry, and is a spin-off of Worldwide Business Research’s eTail event series. Preparation is now finalising for the Summit at Las Vegas’ Green Valley Ranch from May 8-10.

The THL industry is going through an extraordinary period of change as more companies consolidate. As these big name brands continue to buy each other out, marketers are tasked with streamlining digital platforms across all channels. These companies are experiencing complete digital overhauls and need to navigate the changing landscape to maintain customer loyalty across brands. 

Here are some major trends we’re focusing on for 2017:

Getting to know the digital traveler: Travel brands are focusing first and foremost on the customer. To do that, they need to know just WHO that traveler is and how their brand can meet the traveler’s unique needs for optimized search, booking patterns, and loyalty at every touch-point in the customer journey. Bottom line, knowing the traveler gives brands the advantage for better personalization.

Impact of distribution based on changing landscapes: Mergers and Acquisitions are at the forefront of the industry. As these companies merge, marketers are tasked with streamlining digital platforms as well as company cultures. This can impact the industry in several ways; including price increases because of less competition.

Digital Travel Summit will focus on how THL companies can embrace digital strategies, harness technology to improve operations, and enhance the consumer experience to build true loyalty. Click here to check out the agenda for more information. You can also register with our unique code to save 25 per cent on your pass to the event: DTS17EHOT.