Zelda la GrangeThe Travel Industry Exhibition and Conference has announced their headline speaker for both cities as Zelda la Grange, the Presidential Aide to Nelson Mandela. The conference will be held in Sydney on July 19-20, Crystal Palace Luna Park Sydney and in Melbourne on July 25-26 at the MCEC.

Zelda la Grange will share her experiences and lessons learnt from 19 years as Presidential Aide to Nelson Mandela. Her unique outlook on life, inspired by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, is a captivating story the world will want to hear. Ms la Grange uses anecdotes of her experiences to convey lessons related to discipline, leadership, respect, integrity, honesty and transparency.

Born in Apartheid South Africa, Ms la Grange started her career in 1992. She was soon promoted to become one of the three private secretaries in President Mandela’s personal staff. He requested that she remain in his services beyond retirement. Ms la Grange served President Mandela for 19 years in different capacities until his death on December 5, 2013.

In 2014 Ms la Grange published her memoirs entitled “Good Morning, Mr Mandela”. It’s a story about her time as a Presidential Aide to Nelson Mandela. In 2016, Maven Pictures obtained the rights for the movie adaptation.

Reflecting the theme of this year’s conference “Agents of Change”, Portfolio Director David Paterson felt that Ms la Grange was the perfect choice to inform and inspire delegates about personal, business and industry growth.

Ms la Grange will headline the program as the opening speaker on the first day in each city. The conference program is aimed at encouraging delegates to shift the way they think about their business to recognise their own value.