Fake IDsReports of guests using fake documents is on the rise. As hospitality properties around the world seek ways to enhance security while delivering outstanding customer service, they require innovative solutions to meet their individual needs. Security regulations in many countries require hotels to check IDs.

One very widely installed product is Scan2PMS. It works by scanning a guest ID; the system then populates selected fields on the guest profile of the Property Management System (PMS). Required information is automatically extracted and used to fill in registration information. In less than three seconds, the hotel can accurately capture this information, speeding the guest check-in process, helping to prevent long queues. This information can also be utilized to check against key customer lists, corporate accounts, or law enforcement watch lists. 

“We provide Hotels with the top of the line 3M Scanners with Authentication, the same ones used by TSA, and Border Control,” said Steve Blidner, TTI’s founder and CEO. “These scanners use infra-red and ultra-violet to scan the ID for any tampering. They also use an ingenious software program that compares the ID to thousands of templates to look for discrepancies.

“Chargebacks also take a serious bite out of property profits. TTI’s Scan2PMS provides accurate, fast ID authentication for hotel and hospitality businesses and is proven to cut theft substantially. It’s the trusted ID authentication solution used around the world.”

Do you really know who is staying at your property? Scan2PMS allows you to confidently identify each guest by scanning, and later retrieving, their ID, driver’s license and or passport. Scan2PMS is a great way to speed up the check-in process, improve the quality of the data a hotel collects and provide added security by saving a picture of the ID.    


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