By feature writer Lars Hilse

Now that we've presented a few of hundreds of possibilities at your disposal in context to marketing efforts, we want the potential Guest to visit your Website to book their vacation so that the margin entirely goes into your pocket in favor of that of the tour operator.

One of the advantages of the tour operators we've discovered earlier is the packaging of amenities, flights, etc.

While the booking of flights and other means of travel present a problem to a variety of hotel-operations, the amenities do not.

Special deals and unique experiences provided only through your property – particularly in the luxury segment – make you stand out from the competition and give you that unfair share of advantage.

This uniqueness could consist of anything from inviting special chefs, making your restaurants stand out through offering culinary experiences or even speaking to the corporate level clients.

Believe it or not, but corporate retreats are still well funded in some business verticals and trips for particularly wealthy clients are another way to get your hands on elusive Guests.

How memorable and unique you make this stay is up to you, but do think of things like meetings on the beach in the sun, improving team-strength while diving or big game fishing and presenting these packages to a targeted audience and catering for their special needs.

Those are the programs that will set you apart from your competition, give you the cutting edge and convey to the Guest, that your offering is well thought through.

Keeping Guests up-to-date; the New and the Repeaters

Now, Corporate Blogging probably presents to best opportunity to get the word out about your uniqueness and the memorable experiences you provide your Guests with and the reason for that is simple.

Because your static website has a consistent amount of pages, search engines like Google can only provide you with that many points of entry for Guests submitting searches for your property.

Integrating a blog into your corporate website, on the other hand, will be categorized differently; every single blogpost you write will be valued as a single page, or point of entry.

To give you an example: in my first book I wrote a chapter called 'learning marketing from the porn industry', which I would later write a blogpost about.

Google indexed this blogpost so that this article appeared among the top results for search queries about 'marketing porn industry' which brought a lot of traffic to my website over the years; not that it was of any value to me, but those visitors would continue on my website, exploring the products, services and publications I offered during that time.

Let's say you operate a property in Thailand and want to attract that culinary crowd. In that case you would write a number of blog articles about 'Culinary experience Thailand'.

Or your property is located in Dubai and you want to attract corporate retreats, in which case you would write about 'Business meetings on the beach' or 'Corporate Retreats under the sun'.

Unique Specialties can also be written up in Content Marketing pieces, which are then sent out to dedicated email lists, of which targeted leads are drawn and delivered to you for further pursuit.


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