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I love what you guys are doing with ehotelier! You guys have lots of great information out there for us! Keep up the great work!
Daniel Dawson, Enviroclean Hospitality Services
The Drinks Industry Show is committed to bringing together producers, distributors and buyers from all areas of the drinks industry and is delighted to be partnering with eHotelier who provide the crucial link to hospitality professionals worldwide.
David McCarthy, The Drinks Industry Show
I’m glad to be a member and to receive eHotelier . Its a great platform as it keeps me in touch with the latest happenings in the hospitality industry in the major cities as well as share new interesting ideas. Keep it up.
Teddy Chia, Max Hotels Group
I will always be grateful for your commitment to the industry, in the quality of information, that keeps us all current with industry happenings. Many hoteliers such as myself, store information for future reference, an invaluable library of many useful articles that keeps us all, in the know! With warm personal regards to the eHotelier team, for your continued success and professionalism that helps us all succeed in hospitality!
John R. Vincente CHA/3D, Mid Cities Lodging Associates
The eBooks cover the necessary topics and concepts, the language and examples used are straightforward, and demonstrate how to use several analysis tools through hospitality examples.
Brigitta Cardenas Sperling, Masters Student
Very happy to work together with eHotelier! It brought very satisfying results to us after we run the campaign together. We look forward to working again in the future!
Dovile Giedraityte, One Connected Community
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how awesome you guys are. Bringing industry news to the newer generations of hoteliers and hospitality professionals is brilliant and long overdue. Well done, and best wishes!
Bhavik Dani,
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