BidroomThe online booking community announces that its integration with the channel manager SiteMinder is now complete. Since signing up with Cubilis a few months ago, Siteminder is the second connection that Bidroom has made with a channel manager.

“SiteMinder’s Channel Manager is one of the most popular ones,” said Michael Ros, Bidroom’s CEO. “We’ve had thousands of inquiries about the support of this particular software, so we quickly started working on the terms of agreement with SiteMinder.”

The channel manager allows hotels to easily manage bookings received through different channels, such as OTAs, travel agencies and the hotel website. Thanks to this tool, Bidroom’s users don’t have to wait for the hotel to confirm their booking, so it can save them up to 24 hours. 

Bidroom’s IT team has just finished the process of integration, and the hoteliers are already able to make use of the SiteMinder channel manager to manage bookings coming from

“SiteMinder joins Cubilis as the second channel manager software supported by,” said Mr Ros. “We are continually working on expanding our offer so we can satisfy the needs of the hoteliers using different solutions. The two channel managers that we work with now are extremely popular in Europe, and once we shift our attention to Africa and Asia, we will take a closer look at the software most commonly used on those continents.”