Guest reservation Global hospitality management software company Xn protel Systems has announced the general release and availability of xmsEnterprise CRS, a modular, cloud-based, mobile ready, reservations and distribution platform. This follows successful pilot projects in Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia and more than five years’ intensive software engineering led by Xn’s USA-based CTO Ken Fisher.

Engineered for the cloud, xmsEnterprise CRS is designed for use by hoteliers, serviced apartment operators, online booking providers and reservation sales offices, globally. The system provides highly cost effective CRO/CRS operations, centralizing availability, rates, rules, inventory and content for all properties.

“xmsEnterprise CRS provides a globally scalable cloud based CRS that drives low cost reservations from direct mobile and web bookings, while supporting seamless inter-connectivity to myriad booking partners,” said Xn protel Systems’ Chief Executive, Greg Spicer. “As a ground-up, cloud-based development undertaken entirely by our in-house software engineering team, xmsEnterprise CRS builds upon the extensive experience and domain knowledge gained over the last twelve years with our successful predecessor product Xn globalRES.”

Guest reservation processes are simplified, centralized and managed from one application for all booking channels. Two-way connectivity to PMS, OTA, GDS and ADS channels harnesses the power of the internet using open standards of technical integration and seamless interfaces, to reduce human effort and lower booking costs. The system removes barriers to rate and inventory distribution, simplifies mobile and web booking for guests, companies, agents and groups, using intuitive end-user screens throughout.

xmsEnterprise CRS also enables global sale and inventory control of packages, room extras, upgrades and even interconnected spa services and golf tee time bookings. Authorized guest preference data is exchanged securely with CRM systems. Booking profiles are delivered seamlessly to CRM and PMS ensuring past preferences are saved for enhanced service delivery for regular guests.

xmsEnterprise CRS provides a globally scalable, functional, cloud reservation system that can be managed from any web browser. It connects all booking types to your global sales offices, irrespective of source, with inventory synched to and from a hotel’s property management system.

The system can be used as a componentized solution with gradual expansion where relevant. Modules released include Distribution Management, Web Booking, Mobile Booking, GDS, OTA Direct, Channel Manager and Central Reservation Operations. A cost-effective pricing model ensures a match between global inventory count, business size, functionality requirements and budget. Delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), xmsEnterprise CRS reduces cost and IT complexity.

Travel industry distribution partnerships, utilizing HTNG industry interface standards, can readily build two-way interface bridges between their own cloud applications and xmsEnterprise CRS. Xn’s open approach to distribution partnerships aims to remove barriers of inter-connectivity within the Industry’s evolving and complex booking ecosystem.

“We are proud and encouraged by the performance of xmsEnterprise CRS within a range of demanding projects conducted during our monitored release program,” said Mr Spicer. “Based on extensive user feedback gained from initial global projects and with scalability tested on public cloud infrastructure up to 200,000 rooms, we are confident that xmsEnterprise CRS can scale up to support practically any accommodation business globally. Helping operators save cost, serve guests, drive top-line revenues and improve yields. We are very excited to formally announce the general release of xmsEnterprise CRS.”

About Xn protel Systems

Xn protel Systems is a global hospitality management software company specializing in property management, central reservations, point of sale and activity management solutions. Our business-critical, highly functional, cloud-native and open systems provide the latest technology and flexibility. They help world-class hospitality companies in over 50 countries to optimize revenue generation, simplify service operations and enhance the quality of guest communications.