The winner of multiple hospitality awards Clock Software and Atomize have teamed up to take the revenue management to the next level. The result of this collaboration is called Automated Revenue Management – the newest functionality of Clock PMS SSuite designed to streamline the pricing process and boost revenue. It is expected to be a real game changer for the whole industry.

All about maximising your profits

Incorporating the industry’s leading revenue optimisation algorithms of Atomize, Clock PMS Suite automates the revenue management allowing hoteliers to have the right prices for their rooms at every given moment across all their channels. Furthermore, Clock PMS Suite is the perfect environment for the machine learning algorithms of Atomize. Seamlessly incorporated, the outcome of their continuous monitoring and analysis of data coming in real time from the system itself, rivals, web searches, plus historical statistics is utilised by Clock PMS Suite to instantly set the prices across every module of the property management system and all distribution channels for the given hotel.

A partnership to change the hospitality industry

Atomize is the world leader in automated revenue management. Their mission is to bring change to the hotel industry for the better! They strongly believe that the days of traditional revenue management and hoteliers’ relying on their gut feeling for setting room prices will soon come to an end. The track record of Atomize from their ventures so far makes them the world leader in Automated Revenue Management which is the natural result of their bold goal to aim for nothing less. The company’s team is made up of some of the finest talents in Europe, who take pride in their optimisation expertise and all are very driven to provide hoteliers with the industry’s best algorithms for automated revenue management.

Clock Software is a global provider of cloud-based property management systems (PMS), integrated online distribution, online & kiosk hotel self check-in/out solutions and mobile & in-room guest engagement systems with customers in more than 60 countries. Clock PMS Suite is the company’s innovative and modern all-in-one PMS platform. This intuitive and full-featured PMS suite comes to empower hoteliers to upgrade the legacy fragmented hotel management and distribution systems into a single all-round cloud-based platform. Clock PMS Suite stands out from the other PMS solutions for automating and synchronising data and operations across all departments and distribution channels in real time. Without switching between multiple systems, reception, housekeeping, F&B and other departments access one consolidated data center. This is how Clock PMS achieves greater automation of operations and add mobility and an intuitive approach to every aspect of hotel management.

Optimised and increased revenue, as well as reliable insight from day one. That’s what you can expect from our joined efforts. The automatically generated price suggestions helps you make the best and most profitable choices for your room rates. You can take a step further and leave it all to Clock PMS Suite and its data driven optimization of revenue to select the right price for the given market situation.

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