UAE hospitality trends: Hotels are still being built

The UAE hospitality industry has achieved stunning results throughout past decade. Every year its progress becomes even more obvious and significant for the whole region economy. In some sectors it has already become trendsetter, so we are curious to know what the top UAE hospitality trends are in 2017.

The power of data – a beginner’s guide for the hospitality industry

Much has been written and said on the topic of big data and data itself. Over the last years, the cost of data storage has decreased dramatically from about $7 to 10 per GB in the year 2000 to less than $0.03 per GB today. Today, the holy grail is no longer the size of the storage and the focus has moved to speed.

Young Hoteliers Summit to tackle conventionalism and assess future of hospitality industry

For the eighth time, the Young Hoteliers Summit will take place at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne from March 13-15. With panels, keynotes and workshops, the summit addresses topics concerning tomorrow’s generation of leading hoteliers and aims to deliver innovative approaches on how to contribute to the future of the industry.

Is big data in hospitality a game-changer?

We share more and more information, and the boundaries between private and public life are increasingly blurred. Our evaluations of various products and services are now available and visible to a growing number of people, both on platforms directly linked to hospitality, like TripAdvisor or, and more general sites and social media such as Facebook. All of this information constitutes an incredible opportunity for the hospitality sector. 

Smart data marketing in hospitality: The secret to maximizing direct bookings

The important part of the overall strategy – the one that will result in a much higher percentage of direct bookings - is Intent Data i.e. targeting and engaging travel consumers who are “in market” and planning to visit your property’s destination in the near future.

Fusionex GIANT partners with Asian integrated holiday resort

Big Data Analytics solutions offered by UK-based Fusionex International aims to bring customer preferences to the forefront and improve the marketing strategies of an Asian integrated holiday resort.

Key areas to watch for revenue management in 2015

Marketing, sales and revenue management will have to mine for opportunities where they can market to current and potential guests effectively, and where they can truly meet the needs of their guests - all while monitoring a constantly shifting landscape of consumer behaviour and booking channel preferences.