Government urged to review recruitment for hospitality industry post-Brexit

Luxury hotel group Hyatt has warned "life could become very difficult" for the UK hospitality industry after Brexit if access to foreign workers is restricted. Peter Fulton, the firm's Europe chief, has urged the government to ensure the sector can still draw on a depth of overseas talent, warning the number of British people working in London's restaurants and hotels was "relatively small".

How the hospitality industry could benefit from Brexit

There is a great deal of negativity in the UK hospitality industry surrounding Brexit, but in the recent months after Britain voted to leave the European Union, we have seen a significant drop in devaluation of the British pound which has made the UK an attractive place to travel for tourists and shoppers. This has been particularly good for North American tourists to visit the UK as the Euro has also devalued against the dollar. There is really no better time to visit Britain than now.

Hospitality UK: Things you should know about Brexit

A recent report commissioned from KPMG by the British Hospitality Association has identified the scale and key issues for UK hospitality when the UK leaves the European Union in 2019. The report, Labour migration in the hospitality sector, March 2017, considers the impact on the implications for the hospitality workforce for the future. Here are the 12 things you should know, prepare for, rejoice in or shout against - depending upon your views on Brexit.

Brexit: Hospitality industry warns of worker shortages

The Home Office is looking at plans for “Barista Visas” and new rules for migrants, after hospitality industry experts warned many business will close. The British Hospitality Industry has warned that hotels, restaurants and bars will be forced to shut as there is a severe shortage of British workers and a steady stream of migrants is needed.

Hotel values rise in Eastern Europe while west faces tougher times

Hotels in Eastern Europe are benefitting from tough times in Western Europe with room values in the region seeing an impressive 11 per cent average growth, according to our 2017 European Hotel Valuation Index (HVI).

BHA offers to help Brexit Secretary hammer out immigration law

Hospitality and tourism leaders are urgently seeking a meeting with Brexit Secretary David Davis to hammer out an EU migration plan following Mr Davis’  “heartening” comments this week that the UK would keep its door open for service workers in hospitality, agriculture and social care.

Brexit puts the brakes on UK hotel investment

Hotel transactions in Q3 totalled £522m in value, nearly half of that recorded in Q3 2015 and total transactions for the year-to-date were also significantly below that of last year.

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UK in two minds – 40-million-pound tourism support by PM and expected increasing operating costs post Brexit

UK PM announces 40 million pound fund for tourism, while operators forsee increasing operting costs. However boht government and industry are seeing benefits due to "pound exchange rate".

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Brexit is here, but will business travellers be the next to vote leave?

While some hoteliers will lose out, others may well benefit. What is important is that we remain calm and provide clear and concise information and advice to keep business travellers well informed in turbulent times.

STR: What the Brexit Referendum could mean for hotels

While is it impossible to quantify the exact extent of the Brexit, it most likely would have some impact on current hotel performance in the U.K.

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