Google package move ‘will boost innovation’

Trade experts do not see Google’s impending entry into the package holiday market as a threat and say it will boost innovation. Google’s package product will search for combined flight and hotel deals and has been available to a proportion of users since the beginning of the year.

Should your PR firm know SEO? Absolutely!

Getting top rankings on Google and the other search engines is the prime marketing objective for hotels in today’s digital world. Insight into the logic of Google’s madness is a must for your PR agency. While everyone agrees getting high on the search rankings is key in today’s Internet-driven environment, why do so many hotels miss the boat?

ITB Berlin: Google rejects belief it aims to become an OTA

A senior Google executive insisted the search giant has no plans to become an online travel agent (OTA), but conceded he could “see why people think” it will. “We are not becoming an OTA, but I can see why people think the Book on Google feature makes us an OTA," said Oliver Heckmann, Google Head of Engineering for Shopping and Travel.

A closer look at the Google Trips app

This app is designed to to take the stress out of planning a holiday itinerary by providing travelers with easy access to information like things to do and see.

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Does page two in Google even exist?

If a property’s vanity site can’t be found on the first page and near the top, Google’s algorithm is insinuating that this hotel probably isn’t what this particular guest is looking for.

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Hilton integrates HHonors app with Google Maps to assist room selection

Google Maps now integrates into the HHonors app’s room selection function, enabling Hilton guests to visualize where their hotel room is in relation to city streets, public transit, parks, bodies of water and soon, points of interest – all before picking their exact room of choice.

Google update strengthens case for location marketing

If your hotel makes use of the AdWords location extension, you can expect to see an increase in website visits by about 10 fold.

How to measure your website’s ROI

While website metrics are not perfect, don’t rely on ‘hope’ marketing, especially in the digital age.

What all hotel owners need to know about SEO

Hoteliers who want to get more direct bookings must apply proven SEO principles to a site’s design and content so that its visibility in search engine results is greatly improved.

Google drops right side PPC ads: Implications for hotels

Brands should expect to see cost-per-click rise across the board and certain keyword strategies that might have worked in the past, may become cost prohibitive to continue as a viable strategy in the future.

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