How the hospitality industry is embracing social media

With 2.3 billion active on social media, it is no surprise that online marketing, specifically social media marketing, is a hot topic in hospitality. Here we look at just some of the ways media savvy hoteliers have embraced the channel and the interesting results they have seen. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to blogging, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the ways you can adopt some successful strategies for your own property.

Millennials redefine luxury and spur changes in marketing

The sea change taking place in luxury hotel marketing is being driven by Millennials as they redefine what the parameters of luxury means to them. First-class accommodations and amenities are just the beginning of this new-style luxury that Millennials crave. Hotels are compelled to create and offer extras including life-fulfilling experiences, adventure, and even educational enrichment.

GM of New York Hilton Midtown launches 365-Day Chief Recognition Officer campaign

Every day Zieren chooses a different hotel employee – focusing on those that work behind the scenes and aren’t traditionally guest-facing – to honor in an Instagram post. The campaign is designed to shed light on team recognition and the diversity of the hospitality industry.

Tips for using Instagram to market your hotel

Instagram is especially effective in the travel industry as images play a key role in influencing consumers’ choices regarding destinations, accommodations and activities.

Hilton Garden Inn introduces Instagram-based photo map guide

The HGI Travel Guide is the first travel handbook created using the Instagram's photo map feature so travellers can capture and share images of their favorite "go to" spots.

Jumeirah launches initiative to encourage Emiratis into hospitality careers

The social media campaign is called #BeTheHost and will be launched through the Jumeirah Arabic account on Instagram @Jumeirah.Arabic.

Make your hotel Instagram-friendly with these redesign tips

Your next hotel redesign really should keep social media in mind. Here are some design tips to maker sure even more photos of your hotel go viral.

Hotel Selfie – Hotelfie…seriously, it’s big and hotels need to encourage them

A study of social media habits showed that 25% of Americans post a photo within just one hour of arriving at a vacation destination, so hotels need to capitalise on the hotel selfie.

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Visit Philly’s Leap Of Faith On Instagram

By Frederic Gonzalo: In this day and age of social media, blogs, user reviews and forums, travelers seek authenticity when thinking about their next trip destination. In fact, according to TripAdvisor's annual TripBarometer study published in March 2013, 69% of travelers said review sites are the most influential in their booking decision process. And once we know where we want to go, who do we trust? Expert opinions in travel magazines, comments on Tripadvisor or recommendations from friends and family are all valid options. But what about hearing it from the locals?

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