Millennials redefine luxury and spur changes in marketing

The sea change taking place in luxury hotel marketing is being driven by Millennials as they redefine what the parameters of luxury means to them. First-class accommodations and amenities are just the beginning of this new-style luxury that Millennials crave. Hotels are compelled to create and offer extras including life-fulfilling experiences, adventure, and even educational enrichment.

Pinterest checklist for success: hotel edition

Just as with any other social media network or with marketing in general, a solid strategy is needed to get the most out of Pinterest and its 100 million active monthly users.

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Reasons hoteliers should be using Pinterest

Every hotel has the ability to market the attributes that make it stand out from their competitors by using images to visually show their audience the difference, and 88% of users purchase things that they have pinned on Pinterest.

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Driving bookings through social media

Each platform has its own characteristics, driving and targeting various consumer segments. Here are tips on how hotels can better engage customers on the most commonly used social media platforms.

Mandarin Oriental launches new social platform

Visitors to the site can share photos and share these via email or on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Social media best practices in travel: Pinterest

By Frederic Gonzalo: Pinterest is still considered one of the newcomers in the social media ecosystem, but it's growing strong, and Travel is its most popular category.

Pinterest and Travel: A Match Made in Social Media Heaven

By Feature Writer Frederic Gonzalo: Because it plays a key role at the aspirational and planning stages of the travel decision-making process, Pinterest should therefore be considered in priority by travel destination, transportation (airlines, rail, cruise) and hoteliers. But restaurants, festivals, events and attractions can all gain from the web traffic generated through compelling visuals, as can be seen by some of the examples above. Pinterest has certainly gained a key role in the social media marketing world, in particular within the travel vertical. It will be interesting to see how Place Pins move the needle and where things lead in 2014.

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