Are tourism universities flushing money away with their research?

Think about the amazing people with excellent ideas and powerful intellect spending hundreds and hundreds of man hours carefully analysing and studying the world of tourism and travel. What is it worth to the industry? What would the annual figure be in millions of pounds?

Two ways to update your marketing strategy to close more sales

An in-depth understanding of how current and potential customers think, and how they make the decision to purchase a product or service, is integral for developing a more successful marketing strategy. After all, it will be very difficult to sell someone a product if you don’t understand their needs, thought process and motivations.

The disruptive factors likely to reshape travel distribution

Gatekeepers, ‘mega meta online travel agencies’, and artificial intelligence may fundamentally disrupt the future of travel distribution, says a new independent study by the London School of Economics.

Tourists resilient to weather and rarely change plans

Although the weather may have little effect on what tourists choose to do, it does seem to affect how satisfied they are with the destination, according to a PolyU study in Hong Kong.

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Study shows opportunites to increase length of stay

Three out of four US business travelers (76%) said they’d prolong a work-related trip for leisure if a hotel offered a discount or additional nights.

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Marriott partners with Hurun Research to shed light on China’s luxury travelers

China’s young luxury travelers go abroad every 3-4 months, mainly for leisure, spending RMB 420,000 (US$65,000) on tourism per year and RMB 220,000 (US$34,000) on travel shopping.

Cultural immersion, emotional connection and place identity define “the new luxury” in travel

Inaugural Luxury Insights Report from Fairmont reveals global trend in travellers seeking emotional connection to historic and iconic hotel destinations.

Human trafficking in the hospitality sector: awareness survey

Responsible professionals in the sector need to take action to combat trafficking to protect their business and reputation, that of the industry and all relevant stakeholders.

Research reveals growing ”Seekender” travel trend

Those who take regular short-breaks and choose experiences over material wealth hold the key to happy holidaying according to health experts.

EB-5 financing for hotel development has potential for fraud: Cornell Study

A federal program that encourages foreign residents to invest in U.S. projects can create distortions in the hotel development cycle, according to a study published by the Center for Hospitality Research.

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