About David Lund

David Lund is The Hotel Financial Coach, an international hospitality financial leadership pioneer. He has held positions as a Regional Financial Controller, Corporate Director and Hotel Manager with Fairmont Hotels for over 30 years. He authored an award-winning workshop on Hospitality Financial Leadership and has delivered it to hundreds of hotel managers and leaders. David coach’s hospitality executives and delivers his Financial Leadership Workshops throughout the world, helping hotels, owners and brands increase profits and build financially engaged leadership teams. He speaks at hospitality company meetings, associations and he has had several financial leadership articles published in hotel trade magazines and he is the author of two books on Hospitality Financial Leadership. David is a Certified Hotel Accounting Executive through HFTP and a Certified Professional Coach with CTI. www.hotelfinancialcoach.com 415-696-9593

Why outsourcing your hotel’s accounting is a stupid idea

Stupid sounds like a harsh word. Webster’s dictionary defines stupid as, “Given to unintelligent decisions or acts,” along with a few other more colorful options. Outsourcing your hotel accounting is an unintelligent move.

Embracing the human aspect of change management

One incredibly challenging aspect if hospitality is the ever-changing technology. Most people don’t see the massive amount of technology being used in hospitality and this article is about leadership in the face of that ever-changing landscape.

Measuring and managing labor productivity

In hospitality, the measurement and management of productivity is hit and miss and miss again. What is an effective measure?

Three ways to make profit in the banquet business

I see many hotel financial statements and most are missing the boat because they do not separate group and local banquet revenues.

What’s my system for creating financial information in my hotel?

When people understand and use the business system well we get a superior result. What’s the business system in your hotel?

By |June 21st, 2017|

Why doesn’t my director of finance step up?

Your DOF is a great accountant. They do a solid job running the accounting department and they are very efficient. What’s the problem then?

By |June 13th, 2017|

Hospitality financial leadership – The Russians

When heads of state come to visit your hotel they usually make a bit of a show. The Russians are no exception, they even bring their own warship, the KGB and a wad of cash!

By |June 6th, 2017|

Creating property performance commentaries

Creating a great commentary for your owners and corporate is a monthly mainstay in almost every hotel. It can also be a large dose of drudgery. This article is about how you can create an effective system in your hotel to generate a strong and meaningful commentary based on information from all areas of your business.

By |May 31st, 2017|

Share the financials in your hotel, or not

In your hotel, you either share the financials with your leaders, the department managers, or you don’t. If you already share the financial statements, you know the power it unleashes with your team and the result it helps to create. In this article, I will explore the relationship we have with the money and how we can get the financials out of the closet and reap the benefits.

By |May 23rd, 2017|

The paper can’t talk – Give the money a voice

Why is financial leadership in hotels so un-evolved? We need to realize that the third pillar, the money, the owner, the profit-and-loss, the paperwork, whatever you want to call it - it needs a proper voice. The right voice - a voice that speaks to the leadership and the highest purpose that a cornerstone of our business warrants.

By |May 19th, 2017|
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