About eHotelier

Welcome to eHotelier

Recognised by the Institute of Hospitality, we are a leading provider of hotel training.

eHotelier is a globally accessible online learning platform that supports the continuous professional development of current and aspiring hotel industry professionals.

We understand how challenging it can be for hotels to attract great teams, keep them for the long term and support them to do their job well. That’s why we created a learning ecosystem that can be used by any hotel, anywhere in the world.

Used by hotels across Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific and Africa, our platform provides hotel professionals and executives with the training they need to accelerate their career goals while improving their skills in all aspects of hospitality and tourism.

Our three pillars of education ensure your team receives a comprehensive education that is valuable and recognised at all levels, from skills to executive development.

Every training module is:

– Interactive and easy to understand, created in collaboration with industry experts

– Curated by academics providing educational rigour

– Endorsed by industry associations and recognised by the Institute of Hospitality

Our courses can be accessed by:

– Hotels that wish to deliver clear training pathways for their team

– Hospitality professionals who want to upskill independently

– Educators who want to expand their teaching capabilities

Make training easier and grow your business with the help of eHotelier.

We’ll help you train the leaders of tomorrow, today.